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"I feel called to pass on my acquired knowledge over the years. In my young years as a singer and performer, I always sought a mentor - someone I could connect with on both a musical and human level, and who could relate to my experiences. I was looking for a mentor or Coach who could impart insights from personal experience in areas such as singing, songwriting, music production, performance, dance, and Recording in Logic Pro X. T”day I want to be that coach I was eagerly searching for back in the days.”

  • - I felt like I never found the right vocal teacher.


During my musical education, I had a new vocal teacher every year, and each time, I heard the same thing: "Vincent, you sound way too Pop."  Some classical vocal teachers repeatedly told me that it didn't align with what they considered "true singing per se," and those critical remarks left me unsure back then. Ironically, after successfully completing my training and winning "Musical! The Show" on television, I was told on the radio, 'Unfortunately, we won't play your music because you sound too much like 'Musical'.' In conclusion, you can never please everyone. This clearly shows that many decisions in the world of show business are influenced by sympathy, trends, and political factors. In this case, talent is overrated. Of course, calling and skills are an entirely different matter. Therefore, as a coach, it's crucial for me to confront my vocal students with their voices and their entire beings in love, accepting and embracing the voice they have, and building upon that foundation.


  • - Singing lessons often follow a traditional, boring style.

In my studio, STUDIO LAB VIE, I've created a comfortable haven for aspiring artists, providing them with a safe space to completely open up and let go. At the same time, it's important to me to use a portion of the singing lesson to somewhat 'throw them into the deep end,' not in the literal sense but to prepare them for stressful situations. Auditions can be very stressful. If you're somewhat introverted but aspire to be on stage, you should become accustomed to the feeling of the spotlight and immerse yourself in the 'flow.' With the studio, I enable my students to adapt to various scenarios 


  • - Singersongwriter Camps are often exclusive and mostly a closed society.


I once had the experience of participating in one of the largest online songwriting camps, and it was a fantastic experience. However, I felt it was all about who could deliver something the quickest - that person's idea would be taken. Perhaps I wasn't experienced enough, but in my case, I believe that creating a song should also allow time to breathe. There shouldn't be a rush just to be the first with an idea. I take the time to teach my students to capture their thoughts and visions in rhyme and imagery during the critical decision-making phase of songwriting.

  • - There is no suitable karaoke version for my audition song. None of my accompanists have time to help me with this song, and I couldn't find sheet music online.


But don't worry, it sounds like quite a challenge. All jokes aside, I'm accustomed to troubleshooting, following the motto: 'Where there's a will, there's a way!' If you can't find a solution in such situations, and even ChatGPT can't provide helpful answers, I'm here to assist you with troubleshooting. In 99% of cases, the solution is just a few steps away, some of which you may have never heard of.


You can take various courses with me:


- Vocal Coaching

- Songwriting

- Producing

- Performance / Acting / Interpretation

- Recording in Logic Pro X

Due to a high demand and limited spots, I kindly request you to send me a personalized inquiry. In the subject line, specify your area of interest, and include a brief message about your vision and how I, as a coach, can assist you. Thank you.

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5min from Wien Hauptbahnhof


I get back to you ASAP! Thanks ;)

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