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Schnitzel & Soya Sauce

Auditory Delight: Schnitzel and Soya Sauce


Vincent Bueno, the accomplished Austrian singer and former Eurovision Song Contest participant, presents his new comedy program, "Schnitzel and Soya Sauce." In this captivating verbal fusion cuisine, he serves up a blend of Filipino and Austrian culture and music, seasoned with sharp humor, clichés, and a humorous unveiling of stereotypes.


"I am from Austria the Filipino way"

Embark on a humorous journey through topics such as asylum policy and the quirky notion of granting asylum through the perfect rendition of "I am from Austria." Discover why Austrians never eat schnitzel with soy sauce and unravel the truth behind the conspiracy theory of how Michael Jackson developed his distinctive singing style. Vincent Bueno, the "Latino" among Asians, offers his unique perspective and aspires for his "Kinder Bueno," his third child, to grow up in an open-minded world.


"Vocal Fusion Cuisine"

In addition to inducing fits of laughter, a musical explosion awaits you on stage. Vincent is accompanied by his talented four-piece live band, delivering electrifying performances. Enjoy hits from Bruno Mars, bask in the romantic tunes of Al Green, and dance to the rhythms of Michael Jackson. Vincent also presents his own Eurovision Song Contest songs and seduces the audience with self-composed Schlager songs in the persona of his alter ego, Winzenz B.

"Schnitzel & Soya Sauce" is an evening bursting with musical diversity and humorous anecdotes. Revel in this auditory delight!


About the Artist:

Vincent Bueno is a well-known name in Austria. Born in 1985 in Vienna, he has made a name for himself through accomplishments like winning the ORF show "Musical! die Show" and representing Austria at the Eurovision Song Contest. However, in his Filipino community, he is known as "Kuya," which translates to "big brother." Vincent, as a native Viennese, aims to bridge the gap between Austrians and Filipinos, demonstrating that despite cultural differences, there are surprisingly many commonalities. With "Schnitzel and Soya Sauce," he showcases how humor and music are the universal languages that unite us all.

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