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Vincent Bueno is a Vienna-based R&B/Pop singer, songwriter, producer and performer. As a full blooded filipino he was born and raised up in Vienna, Austria. He finished his degree as a Bachelor of Arts at the conservatory of Vienna. From a very early age he learned to play piano, guitar, bass and the drums. Bueno already released 4 albums which he produced by himself. "The Austrian Idol" - "Wieder Leben" - "INVINCEBLE" and "On The Run" and a Mini EP called "Demos.". Influenced by Michael Jackson, Justin Timberlake, Bruno Mars, Anderson Paak, Andre 3000, D'Angelo, Jacob Collier, Kirk Franklin, Lecrae and many more, he combines those musical inspirations and that makes him create the "Bueno - Vibe".  2011 he recorded the station ID theme song for culture in the Philippines "Choose Philippines" together with Angeline Quinto.  

Vincent was this years' Eurovision Song Contest singer for AUSTRIA and has competed with the song "AMEN". His newest release is called "Demos". that is a mini Ep of two Songs he particularly composed and written for the Eurovision Song Contest. "I want to have closure with the ESC and that's why I released these two of my favorite Demos called "Parachute & Dumb Human Bias".


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